Privacy & Policy

What information do we require? 

Creative solutions gather the information that is personally identifiable provided on our site. The details were provided in the form field. Your information includes details like Full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. 

What happens when we have your information?

The information gathered is used for

  • Personalized experience with personally identifiable information for a better response and meeting individual needs For improved website and enhanced performance we rely greatly on your response. The services and the overall website both are involved in improved website performance
  • Enhancing Customer Support services means immediate response which is why your information is mandatory. Your requests and need for customer support may only be responded through your shared information and allows us to enhance our customer support
  • Promotional emails are sent to your email addresses for spreading the word about our special offers and other promotional activities.  
  • Getting in touch on your request requires your details too

How Creative Solution protects your information? 

Your details are safeguarded through distinctive steps. When you share your details, it is store in a secure password-encrypted database. 

How do we use cookies? 

Cookies are small files transferred by a website through a web browser to its visitor’s hard drive. This needs visitors’ permission to identify and allow sites and even record specific information. This sync visitor’s browser to help understand, store and remember preferences. Moreover, it enhances the site experience by putting together site interaction and site traffic for future use. An anonymous form records such details may not include personally identifiable information because we only accept personal information via the fill-in-form.

Remarketing advertisements:

The cookies are a great way to show remarketing advertisements across the internet depends on the user’s previous visits to our website. Google’s display ad network represents remarketing advertisements. However, Google’s use of cookies can be stopped by visitors through Google Ad Preference Manager

Do we share these details with outside third Parties? 

Creative Solution does not trade, sell or transfer visitors’ personally identifiable information to anyone, or third parties. The entities and third parties responsible for managing our website, operating, serving us, or our customers are viable to use details. These entities on consent to keep the information confidential can have access to personally identifiable information. Also, disclosure of details may comply with site policies, and laws. This safeguards others’ and our rights, safety, and property. However, non-personal identifiable information is shared for advertising and other purposes. 

How we are linked with third parties? 

Third-party products and services are sometimes a part of our website. They have different policies and privacy terms. However, Creative Solutions is not responsible for their activities, and content

Online Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is only applicable to information gathered online (through the website)

Terms and conditions: 

To get to know or familiarize yourself with Creative Solution please visit our Terms and Conditions section. You will have information through our disclaimers about limitations for usage of our website. 

Your Consent

Your consent is shown through agreeing to our privacy policy and using our site. 

Privacy policy and Alterations

Creative Solutions inform and encourage visitors to stay informed with the latest alterations by checking the page. We keep you updated by posting about alterations in the privacy policy. 

Using Google AdWords for our website

Creative Solutions uses Google AdWords remarketing services. This is intended to advertise on other websites (third party, including Google) to direct previous visitors to the Creative Solutions website. Previous visitors who have left unfinished business, for instance, using our contact form for an inquiry will be displayed on the Google search engine result page and even on Google Display Network. Cookies serve as ad-based on third-party vendors’ past visits (including Google). Whatever data is collected is utilized following Creative Solution’s privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy.

By visiting Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page we can opt-out of a third vendor’s Cookies usage. 

Contact Us: 

Reach out in case of queries related to the privacy policy or any detail you want.


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