Terms & Conditions

Revision policy

The Creative Solution ensures and guarantees unlimited revisions. The revision policy only applied to the packages that has been finalized by mutual understanding of client. The concept and design of the product  will remain the same. The turnaround time for revisions would be 48 hours.

Refund Policy

Creative Solution ensures 100% customer satisfaction. Our free Unlimited Revisions policy is designed to enhance and improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Creative Solution refunds any duplicate charge caused by processing error, unsuccessful designing requirements, and incomplete work as defined in the package; the complete amount will be refunded to the client. 

Also, a refund request can be submitted to Creative Solution for any dissatisfaction with any of our product. The time frame is 48 hours within the first design completion date. It is, however, assumed that both parties are satisfied with the initial stage (concept and design) after 48 hours . In case, a refund request is not received within 48 hours, then the order is over for requests. However, the Special or Combo packages will be refunded the same way as it’s on the single package. 

Our refund is processed according to the chart mentioned below:

  • Full refund can be claimed before the completion of first stage. However 10% service and processing fees will be deduct. If refund is requested within 48 hours after 1st stage, you are eligible for 66%refund
  • If it takes more then 48 hours to request a refund, you are eligible for a 33% refund only. 
  • After 120 hours of delivery of the initial stage, your refund requests will not be entertained. However, our customer satisfaction will help and support you with any of your concerns. 
  • The refund requests are to be communicated to the Support department in the first place. However, in case of any violation of your user agreement, Creative Solution reserves the right to disapprove or approve, it depends on case to case basis

Claim your refund?

The following arrangement is shared to show how refund requests at Creative Solution are responded 

  1. Claim the refund request by specifying the concern via email, chat, or phone
  2. With the revision policy, we resolve the concerns. The refund request approval form is sent through email by the refund department

Once refunded, the rights for your product would be obtained by Creative Solution which means you would not be displaying or sharing any information or version of our company with anyone. More details are: 

  • Once the rights would be transferred to Creative Solutions, you have no legal rights to use any content, product, work, media, and design. You would not have an ownership interest in or to same.
  • Creative Solutions works in collaboration with Government Copyright Agencies and we share Copyright Acquisition information that restricts re-use of both original and refunded designs.

Account Area:

Account Area makes communication convenient. To address any concern, queries, and instructions even required by the designer, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your Account Area. Not using your Account Area frequently shall not give you adequate grounds for claiming your refund request. In case you need assistance on how to use your Account Area, you can contact our Customer Support team anytime anywhere. 

Quality Assurance Policy

Creative Solution provides desired satisfaction and quality by fulfilling specifications shared by you. 

  • All the work created are a result of thorough research and analysis to ensure uniqueness, customization, and quality
  • The satisfaction level is 100% for all the work and designs
  • Free unlimited Revision Policy offers and ensures complete satisfaction 
  • Revisions and rework on product are for your 100% satisfaction

Delivery Policy

It is important to know that your ordered product files are transferred to your email with a specified date of ‘Order Confirmation. The details of order delivery are shared through same email and sent to you for this purpose. The revision and refund policies are dealt with specified date and time mentioned on order delivered to your Email address. 

Creative Solution delivers customized orders to your email within 72 hours after completion. Our Rush Delivery is an optional service that offers initial designs delivery within 24 hours and costs $200 extra. For more details contact our Customer Support. 

Ownership of the Work 

The final product once gets approved and is fully paid, the client will have their final file. The rights of the product are owned by the client now, so, the claims and copyright would also be transferred to the client

Copyrights, Ownership, and trademarks

The related material, drafts, and final product are completely retained by the client once the ownership is transferred to them. However, Creative Solution retains the right to use any material for promotional purposes by including it in our portfolio or gallery. We are, under any circumstances, not authorized to make a profit or sell your material unless it is specified or allowed by our client.

The client has the right to use the product, design, or material (graphics, content, code and animation) at his/ her discretion

We can use the product in a legal way that may not harm the integrity and our client’s reputation

Record Maintenance

As a professional digital agency Creative Solution maintains a record of your final product once delivered to you

We keep records for professional dealings i.e., send anything again in the future if, requisite by the client

Communication Policy:

By agreeing that Creative Solution is not liable for correspondence other than our main website, domain, contact numbers, and email address i.e., we are not responsible or would be held responsible for any fraud, damage, and theft caused. With any correspondence except our main website and details shared on our domain, there is no other way to reach out to us. We are responsible for communication and correspondence held only through our registered email address(es) under our domain and Company name or Via our contact numbers mentioned on the Creative Solution website.

Customer Support

At Creative Solution, we have 24 Customer Support to answer your queries and to address your concerns. Please feel free to contact us at any time.